Men's Development Network

The vision of the Men’s Development Networks is:

“Better lives for Men, Better lives for All”

A society where men have better lives and where men and women live equal, engaged, healthy, safe lives.

This is based on our belief that supporting change in men has an impact on their relationships, family, community and society. We work in alliance with women’s organisations and recognise their contribution to making a better world for all. It is our wish to continue and support this work, particularly with men.The remit presently covers a local, regional and national spread. There have also been international contacts made. It has developed with the assistance of government funding. Central to the development has been the formation of a network of national representatives.

“The Men’s Development Network is a world pioneer in work with men, especially in working with men across the social and economic spectrum. The respect with which the Men¹s Network leaders are held and the tremendous work they are doing to reach out to many different communities were more than apparent at their International White Ribbon Campaign conference held in Dublin on April 17th 2013 and at their men¹s conference the following day. The Men¹s Development Network brings to this work a combination of a penetrating analysis; clear prescriptions for improving the lives of men, promoting gender equality, and ending violence against women; and a unique sensitivity to the complex demands of this work.”
– Dr. Michael Kaufman, Keynote Speaker, International White Ribbon Campaign conference, Dublin, April 2013.

The Men’s Development Network operates five websites:

  1. Men’s Development Network –
  2. Men’s Health Ireland –
  3. MEND –
  4. White Ribbon Ireland –
  5. White Ribbon Ireland Blog –


Here’s a collection of photos from the Men’s Development Network events which take place all across the country.

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