Men's Development Network

Gender and Equality

MDN promotes equality through its work with men affected by marginalisation, health ethnicity, disability, cultural disparity and male gender conditioning.

We acknowledge the advantage that every man derives from his gender , what R.W. Collins describes as the ‘Hegemonic Patriarchal Dividend’ and work with men to recognise it in their own lives, while supporting them to understand their needs as men and how Male Gender Conditioning has impacted and still impacts on how they live their lives. This dichotomy has ensured that we have a close working understanding of Men, Masculinities, Male Gender Conditioning, Men & Gender Equality and Men & Gender Equity.

We are convinced that engaging with men at an individual level, at local level, regionally and nationally and indeed internationally is the way in which we bring men into the conversation about change, change in his life, change in his family life and change in his community and in society.

MDN sits on Equality Authority committees addressing equality and stereotyping.

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