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The National Men’s Development Programme


The Mission statement of The Men’s Development Network

“Better lives for men, Better lives for all”


The Men’s Development Network Nationally:
The MDN is a developmental and consultative organisation that works locally,regionally,nationally and internationally. Nationally, the MDN connects with representatives across Ireland.

The Men’s Development Network has been hosting The Annual Men’s Training and Development Summer School for over fourteen years.
It became evident at these events, that members wanted to have more involvement, more ongoing support and their opportunities enhanced to work with marginalised, unemployed and impoverished men in their own and Rapid and Clár areas.

The National Men’s Development Network has grown out of this event and the work of our other projects. These projects are, The Men’s Development Project, The Men’s Health Programme,The Domestic Violence Intervention Programme, Men’s Counseling, Research work and Traveller Men’s work, all of this work feeds into and informs the work of the whole organisation so that the benefits are spread throughout.

Aims and Objectives

  • Formalise a representative body of men, working developmentally with men throughout the country.
  • Support those men individually and collectively to engage with community and statutory agencies.
  • Build aliances with the relevant agencies, and with Family Resource Centers,Community Development Projects, and Area Partnerships.
  • Develop methodologies for engaging the men throughout the country.
  • Identify, support and encourage, members own personal evelopment and training.
  • Research to identify the skills of the men we engage with so that we are aware of the capacity of the network.
  • Support volunteerism.

The Men’s Development Network will assist projects as they unfold and increase awareness of the MDN through providing training to and working with community development projects, family resource centres, and area partnerships, along with dissemination of our information as the opportunity arises..

The Men

The target group for the Men’s Development Programme is primarily men who experience disadvantage due to the effects of unemployment, marginalisation, poverty and men’s gender conditioning. There is a welcome for all men to join us in our Men’s Development Programme and we actively encourage all men to do so. Our annual National Men’s Development and Training Summer School shows the success of this policy; men come there from all parts this island and beyond, ages ranging from 18 to 80, backgrounds from homeless to wealthy, and having a range of abilities.

The Approach

  • Engage with men about the issues that arise in our lives.
  • Assist men who are experiencing disadvantages due to unemployment, marginalisation, poverty, or men’s gender conditioning, to overcome these disadvantages.
  • Develop inclusiveness, equality and understanding among men.
  • Explain what we know of the cultural and societal conditioning of men and check the soundness of our analysis against individual men’s experience.
  • Work with men to tackle the issues and the conditioning.

The Goal

  • Build confidence, self-esteem and self-respect in men.
  • Empower men to build good relationships with themselves, each other their partners, families, women, children community and society.
  • Train men to develop leadership, facilitative and co-operative skills.
  • Have men take responsibility.
  • Achieve change in men, by men and with men, and therefore in society.
  • Achieve better and more meaningful lives for men, women and young people, in a more humane society.

The Programme

The basic progamme for the work is well established by now. The procedure builds confidence and self-esteem and is as follows:

  • Contact men.
  • Invite men to join a Men’s Development Group.
  • Work with the men in the Development Groups.
  • After a year or so encourage these men to organize and run a Regional Men’s Day inviting the other groups from the region to come.
  • Support the men in the group as they do this.
  • With two of these under their belts after two years, encourage them to organize and host our Annual Men’s Summer School inviting men from all over Ireland and elsewhere to come.
  • Support them to do this.
  • Encourage the interested men to become involved with the Network and with working for change.
  • Develop their talents so that their lives and the lives of those around them are enhanced.
  • Support the men to engage with appropriate services, seek employment, consider education, training, recreation and cultural activities, and to engage with and guide the development of policy.
The Men’s Development Network Representatives National Coordinator is Funded by The Dormant Accounts Fund administered by Pobal

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